A Spiritual Journey

Soul searching, inner journey, the purpose of life, all these seemed rather complicated and abstract terms up until life’s canvas spoke through a myriad of colors. I started painting more and more in the 4th decade of my life. It is like unraveling the soul, layer by layer. One can define it as my inner journey, an answer to the purpose of my life, or just meditation. All I know is that,it is my Zen.

The Last Leaf

And, as the rain drizzled, trickled

transparent droplets of life

settled on the autumn leaves

for an infinitesimal speck of time

wiping off dust from the tired weary verdure

flaunting a mirror to their saga

of seasons lived and youth cherished

of springs hosted, of shades boasted

a last quench before descent

a last sigh before the end

© 2017 Lifeology