A Spiritual Journey

Soul searching, inner journey, the purpose of life, all these seemed rather complicated and abstract terms up until life’s canvas spoke through a myriad of colors. I started painting more and more in the 4th decade of my life. It is like unraveling the soul, layer by layer. One can define it as my inner journey, an answer to the purpose of my life, or just meditation. All I know is that,it is my Zen.

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Writing about social issues, relationships and experiences is my journey here on Lifeology. There is so much to see, learn and unlearn in this lifetime. I derive my passion from my own life experiences and the experiences of people around me. I like to portray life through my art, photography, poetry and writing. I am old enough to say- life has given me too many lemons and I am glad to share the lemonade, sweet or sour, with you!

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