A Spiritual Journey

Soul searching, inner journey, the purpose of life, all these seemed rather complicated and abstract terms up until life’s canvas spoke through a myriad of colors. I started painting more and more in the 4th decade of my life. It is like unraveling the soul, layer by layer. One can define it as my inner journey, an answer to the purpose of my life, or just meditation. All I know is that,it is my Zen.

The Last Leaf

And, as the rain drizzled, trickled

transparent droplets of life

settled on the autumn leaves

for an infinitesimal speck of time

wiping off dust from the tired weary verdure

flaunting a mirror to their saga

of seasons lived and youth cherished

of springs hosted, of shades boasted

a last quench before descent

a last sigh before the end

© 2017 Lifeology

How Dark is the Dark? Contd.

She could hear him at a distance, laughing. He would come back to her, squeeze her neck and jaws, collect the blood oozing out of her mouth, go back to the bathroom to wash his hands, and repeat this all over again. Her screams died in the vacuum of darkness, and all she could feel was an excruciating pain from the multiple fractures in her jaws. Seeing no chance of survival, she incessantly worried about her infant child. What would happen to her baby girl after she succumbs to her injuries? Suddenly she heard a voice “Ma”, her infant baby girl had spoken for the first time! She felt a surge of strength and courage in her lifeless body. Her motherly instincts kicked in. She had to save her child even if this meant fighting this monster. She picked herself up from the pool of blood and hugged her baby- “we are going to be fine my love”. She staggered to the other room and followed the insane laughter that was coming out of the bathroom. As she sneaked up to the bathroom, she saw her husband laughing hysterically and washing the blood off of his hands. The floor of the bathroom was sanguine. This was her chance to change her conspicuous fate. She mustered all her strength and pulled the bathroom door, locking him in. All she remembered later was walking out of the horror house into the darkness, holding her baby in her arms before she collapsed outside the gate of a neighbor. They were rushed to the hospital, and fortunately survived to tell the tale.

This is just one of many such incidences that happen and go unnoticed. So many things could have gone wrong that night. The forces of dark could have suffocated two lives in split seconds and another victim story would have run the headlines the next day. We need to bring to light the survival stories more often than we do. How many women are aware of their rights? How many of them know where to go for help? Not many, you will be surprised. What are the steps we need to take to make women safe? Do we ever think of teaching our boys to learn to respect women? Culture and beliefs are the hardest to change but small steps today can lead to big changes tomorrow. Let us give it a thought and be the change that we want to see.

How Dark is the Dark?

It was past midnight, her helpless screams for help vanished into the thick of darkness. She lay unconscious on the floor in a pool of blood. When she would come to, for a few seconds, all she would think of was, her helpless infant child who was in the same room as her, and was completely at the mercy of this monster. Is he going to kill her and their child?